Ohm Calculator Coding Example

This was a coding example completed for a job interview process, which I posted up here for others to take a look at. It’s very simple and uses the following technologies:

  1. Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise
  2. C#
  3. Command console project
  4. .Net Core 2

Coding Sample Requirements

  1. The electronic color code on Wikipedia is used to indicate the values or ratings of electronic components, very commonly for resistors. Write a class that implements the following interface. Feel free to include any supporting types as necessary.
public interface IOhmValueCalculator 
   /// <summary> 
   /// Calculates the Ohm value of a resistor based on the band colors. 
   /// </summary> 
   /// <param name="bandAColor">The color of the first figure of component value band.</param> 
   /// <param name="bandBColor">The color of the second significant figure band.</param> 
   /// <param name="bandCColor">The color of the decimal multiplier band.</param> 
   /// <param name="bandDColor">The color of the tolerance value band.</param> 
   int CalculateOhmValue(string bandAColor, string bandBColor, string bandCColor, string bandDColor); 

  1. Using your favorite unit test framework, write the unit tests you feel are necessary to adequately test the code you wrote as your answer to question one.

  2. Create a user interface (console or web or GUI) that will allow someone to use the calculator you created in question one.